Earlier this Month on Facebook I read a post by Jesus Gallardo and it got me thinking about food on the trail and what our options are. Jesus presented his progression through his stoves, he went from 2 burner “car camper stove” then to the pocket rocket and a hobo stove, and finally a cold weather stove. He has gone through a whole progression of stoves.

Jesus Stove Progression :

Car Camping Stove

Car Camping Stove

Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rocket Deluxe
Pocket Rocket2

Hobo Stove

Hobo Stove
Hobo Stove

Winter Stove

White gas MSR whisper light stove 

Looking at Jesus’s progression so far left me wondering about what other options are out there and what could be the next step for Jesus and other Hikers

Possible Next Iterations:

Open Fire cooking if no fire restrictions are in effect

Open Fire with a lever

Crotch Pot it’s not sexy but it’s light and you get a warm meal and no need to look for firewood or start a fire.

Crotch Pot

If you are trying to go full minimalist and save weight you could just go stove less, doing this will take a major mind shift and  planning as you now need to bring food that does not need to be cooked.

No Cooking Required Food

I am sure there are more options but this is all I could think of for now. Let me know if you have other options. And a special Thanks to Jesus.

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