Whenever you set out for your first long distance hike you are bound to make mistakes. This will be an attempt to reduce those beginner mistakes. Whenever I speak to people they always say they wish they would have known these things, so without further delay here is the list.

5)     Wearing cotton socks, cotton socks keep moisture at the skin and they cause friction which lead to blisters, you are much better off using a wool sock

Don’t let this happen to you

4)     Trying to hike too far. It’s a horrible feeling when you realize it’s going to be night time before you will reach camp also you will be very tired and still must set up camp. Night hiking can be a lot of fun when you are prepared for it but if it is a surprise then it is not so much fun.

3)     Not being prepared for the local insects, this is especially prevalent if you are hiking in Northern Ontario during certain parts of the year. Bring a bug net or you could get eaten alive by the local insects.

2)     Not realizing how cold it gets at night even in the middle of the summer. In the middle of the summer, it can get very cold at night to the point you are shivering in your tent. If you are shivering you won’t be able to sleep because you will be to busy thinking if you are going to survive the night, and in the morning, you will be too exhausted to enjoy the next days hike. So, make sure you take a warm hat and that your sleeping bag is rated for how cold it gets at night.

1)     And the number one Mistake First Time Backpackers make is, wait for it, …. A pack that is too heavy! It slows you down, it can your back, hips and legs hurt, and it can make the hike quite unenjoyable.  So only take what you really need, which is easier said then done since if you are a first-time hiker it will be difficult to know what you need.  However, Fear not this site will continue to provide detailed information to help make your first hike or your next hike a better hike.

You are not a Mule don’t hike like one

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